[Video] My name’s Giang-K12, Let’s talk English

Hi guys, nice to meet you . My name is Giang. I come from Nghe An . I’ m a first – year student at Ha Noi college of Technology and Trading Today.

I want to talk about my future. But the first i want to ask you a question. What is the future? In my opinion, the future is the plan of each person who has been planned or in the implementation process. I believe that everyone want to reach something in life. So am I. In the future, I am going to study abroad and USA in my choice. It is a powerful country has a lot of good qualities, but also has excellent people. But i know if i want to my dream become real. I need a lot of qualities.

First of all, I think language is the most important. It helps me communicate with foreigners easily and friendly. Besides, language is necessary for my learning, environment without mother tongue. Thank for goodness my major is English, now. So it helps me a lot. And i must to study IELTS .

Second, i need good social skills, i have got a part- time job for one year. Because i want to have more experience. Now, I can deal with public confidently . It helps me have more new friends .

Third, i also has a good knowledge. I have to learn something about the culture and customs of the country where I want to go or I will be shock .I think social networking sites books… Can help me. It is a good idea. Alright!

Finally, i need to know how to live independently when away from home.I have to learn take care of yourself without my parents. In short, to study abroad has a lot of qualities : languages , good social skills, basic knowledge and independent. That is all i think i need. I hope i will try my best to fulfill my goals and soon realize my dream of studying abroad. Dreamed of discovering new customs, culture and things in a new country. This is not only my childhood dream but also my parents’ expectation. That’s why i won’t stop working hard to study hard …to make my dream come true soon. And you ? Can you tell me about your future, please? So the last word , thank for reading. I hope you can to perform you dream soon.

Cùng Linh Giang chinh phục ước mơ học giỏi tiếng Anh nào!!

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